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Meet Tina 1

It has always been my desire, to help others with my gift.

7th Generation Medium

Hello, my name is Tina. I am a natural born medium spiritualist. I can communicate with your spirit guides and angels and relay their messages to you from the other side.

Being a medium, I’ve decided to help others that are in need with my gift. I can pass on information from your loved ones to assure you that they have crossed over and are with family members on the other side. If your loved one is now a guardian angel watching over you, they will communicate this to me and I will relay the message to you. Often times, loved ones have gone to their final resting place and if that has happened to your loved one, your spirit guide will make me aware.

My gift has been with me all of my life. I come from seven generations of mediums. I’ve chosen to help people help themselves to a happier life. If that means getting closure or just keeping in touch, I am there to assist.

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Are you curious about your future or having a tough time making decisions? A clairvoyant reading will give you the insight you need to go forward with your future with clarity.

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Get back to your balanced self with this unique psychic solution. Here, you will be able to align your mind and soul, getting in touch with your own spirituality and more.

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Using healing herbs, I can cleanse your aura of negative energy and help your reach a higher self awareness.

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faqs 1

Things you should know before coming to a reading.

Do I need to be in person for a reading, or is it the same as doing a phone session?

You do not need to be in person for a reading. Though I love to meet my clients in person, it makes no difference at all if you are in person or not. I receive the exact same information either way.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Nope. There is no need to bring any photos or items of your loved ones with you unless you feel more comfortable having them with you.

This is my first time and I am feeling nervous. Should I be scared of anything?

No, your loved ones are there to give you closure and guidance. No, bad spirits or random spirits do not show up.

Am I disturbing my loved ones by having a reading and asking them to come?

No way! They choose to come and they are always happy to be there. It doesn't matter if you had the best relationship in the world with that person, or if you had a not so good relationship and have some unresolved issues with them. No one can force them to come. They come on their own free will. Please understand that as much as it is healing for you, it is healing for them as well.

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